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Friday, February 24, 2017

Format of the Report of Minor Project/Case Study/Action Research

Format of the Report
Ø Introduction
Ø Significance of the Study, Objectives of the study, Hypotheses , Related Studies
Ø Method of Study , Sample selection, Tools used in the study, Data collection, Measures adopted for calculation
Ø Analysis of the data, findings of the study, implications.

          Evaluation of the Report
·      The problem and Title. ( 5 marks)
·      Statement of Objectives and Hypotheses/research questions (10 marks)
·      Sample and Tools for the study including data collection (10 marks)
·      Analysis of data-procedures adopted and clarity (10 marks)
·      Findings of the study(5 marks)
·      Viva-voce (10 marks)- (external assessment only).

         Viva-voce : 10 marks ( viva – voce criteria )
·      Thoroughness of the study
·      Novelty/originality of the study
·      Initiative of the researcher
·      Presentation of the study
·      Capacity to Substantiate / (2 marks each)