You cannot control what happens,
but you can control the way you respond to what happens

The First Unit Test for the 2018-20 batch is scheduled on the 31st July 2018. A Mock test is available in the link below

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Records to be submitted to the External Practical Board (Phase I)

1.      Teaching Practice Record (IV Semester) 30 lessons
2.      Peer observation record
3.      Record of blog uploading**
4.      Record of conscientization**
5.      Achievement Test, statistical analysis and interpretation
6.      Reflective Journal
7.      Reading & Reflecting on text
8.      Diagnostic test & remedial measures
9.  MCQ Test battery (Optional subject)
10.  Yoga and Health Education (Record of Practice teaching) 2 lessons

** Updating blog:  Two tasks have to be undertaken: (1)  weekly reporting of the experiences  during internship including all curricular, co-curricular and extension activities undertaken during the weeks in school. (2) Up-loading in blog two innovative work/lessons segment on a single concept in the optional paper undertaken during practice- teaching.

**   Conscientization program: The student-teacher has to undertake any one conscientization program in the school/community during practice-teaching and has to prepare a written report (gender sensitivity, inclusive education, social evils around, media abuse, and the like………)