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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two Year B.Ed. Course - Objectives

The objectives envisioned in the Two year B.Ed. Curriculum as stated in the Curriculum are:
To understand the meaning, significance and perspectives of education in the socio-cultural context.
To understand the history, current issues and challenges of Indian Education and becomes capable of solving various problems of the society.
To understand the developmental processes and needs of children and adolescents, the role of teacher in facilitating them.
To acquaint with prominent Psychological principles, theories of development and learning, and allied matters and make use of them in educational contexts.
To understand the assumptions of ICT, Assessment and Evaluation, Management, Environment etc and makes use of them in practical life and classroom instruction.
To acquire democratic and social values of an ideal teacher and develops skills and competencies in teaching and classroom management.
To make the novice teacher understand the scope and nature of teaching the subject at different levels of learning.
To introduce the challenging career of a teacher with a futuristic perspective, as an agent of social change.
To develop practical field based skills and experience in resource development and learning experience designing while transacting the curriculum.
To provide the required research based learning experience so as to undertake a habit of self development through inquiry and investigation,
To enrich the vision and capabilities of prospective teachers as reflective practitioners during and after the pre-service education.
To design instructional and learner support mechanism-print, non-print, electronic and digital appropriate for the learner needs and contextual requirements.
To get a field based understanding of theories and principles of pupil assessment and evaluation.
 To undertake a self-empowerment initiative in transacting the curriculum from a Techno-Pedagogic content Knowledge perspective.
To identify the Entrepreneurial opportunities of futuristic significance associated with the subject.

To develop a neo-humanistic attitude among the student-teachers in the light of Science Technology Society/Culture-Environment interaction paradigm.