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Monday, February 3, 2014

My Reflection on the School Initiatory Programme

The four day School Initiatory Programme was a good experience to all the students. I had the opportunity to be with the trainees in the Govt. HSS, Kalanjoor.
Since the Principal Dr. Sunny Skariah and two staff members had visited all the schools prior to the programme and had oriented the Heads of the institution about the programme the students were given ample opportunity to take class and were gracefully permitted to observe a number of classes of the senior teachers. We had also given a copy of the part of the new syllabus to all the schools. This gave them an idea and the purpose of the programme and hence the students did not face any problem.
The students who visited Govt. HSS Kalanjoor had a productive and quality time in the school. The Principal and teachers were very co-operative and were always there to lend a helping hand throughout the four days. The students took classes, both shared and individual and I would proudly say that they did a great job. The schedule prepared by the teachers and students of Physical Science department and circulated among others for collecting details about the learning facilities of the school and the tools prepared by students for doing practicums in psychology, technology, etc. were commendable works. The effort taken by the optional teachers and general teachers in preparing the trainees for the programme is appreciable.
The conscientisation programme carried out in connection with the practicum of the Core Paper I, also received appreciation form the staff and students of the school. The group could undertake all the stipulated activities in a praiseworthy manner. The only drawback was that the higher secondary section had model examination in the coming days and therefore the trainees couldn’t  take the classes effectively in the higher secondary section.